Warranty Info

New pedals have a 90 day limited warranty from date of purchase.
Two things are not covered in the 90 day limited warranty. We cannot warranty the power supply, because of damage caused by people tripping over the cord. We do not warranty any user adjustments on the outside of the pedal that have been twisted until broken. Warranty is void if someone takes the pedal apart at the hinges.

For warranty work, customer pays for shipping to the factory, and return shipping back from the factory.

Include return shipping payment in with the pedal returned for warranty work.

Include $16.00 for return shipping within the United States, or $32.00 for return shipping outside of the United States.

Payment for return shipping can be made using a check, money order, or by pay pal. 

Repair Work After Warranty Has Expired

After the 90 day warranty expires, we still repair pedals for a modest flat rate shop fee, and return shipping.   The flat rate shop fee does not cover a defective power supply. If repairs exceed the flat rate repair shop fee, we will contact you before we proceed with repairs.

Customer pays for shipping pedal to the factory. For repairs when pedal is out of warranty, I charge a flat rate shop fee of $48.00.  If the scope of the repair is beyond my flat rate shop fee, I will contact you before I proceed. My flat rate shop  fee does not cover replacing the power supply, they are extra. I also charge what it costs me to ship the pedal back to you, which is $16.00---if you live within the United States. Contact me for shipping cost if you live outside the United States.  If you live in the United States, send $64.00 with your pedal and power supply to: Keith Hilton 248 Laurel Road Ozark, Missouri 65721

You can also pay with pay pal if you prefer, my pay pal account is hiltonkeith43@gmail.com  Send the power supply you have been using with your pedal. Defective guitar cords fool many people, 60% of the pedals I get in for repair have nothing wrong with them. So to avoid paying a un-needed repair bill, I would advise making sure the problem is not your guitar chords. Plugging in a different pedal is "not" a good test, because a defective guitar chord can stop, or start working by just touching it, let alone plugging in a different pedal.